What is Create HAPI?

Create HAPI is a project created to generate more social empathy and acceptance in our current culture. And we make rad masks.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to embody, encourage, and spread the HAPI ideals through positive, social interaction with our generation, and through education of the next generation. 

A Good Cause

With every mask purchased, we donate enough to fund the education of one more human through the Be Kind People Project.

The Patent Pending HAPI Mask

  • Patent Pending Adjustable Design

    This adjustable elastic design makes it easy and comfortable for anybody to wear.

  • Built-in Lanyard

    keep forgetting your mask? Never again. Hard to lose or forget your mask when it's hanging around your neck.

  • Highly Breathable

    With 100% cotton you can breathe easy when wearing for long periods of time.

  • High Particulate Filtration

    With three layers of finely woven cotton, you can feel safe knowing your mask is doing its job.

  • Change is easier together

    Learn more about the partnership between Create Hapi and the Be Kind People Project.

  • Be Kind Programs

    The Be Kind Pledge defines the skills of kindness and helps students understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do. Click HERE to learn more.

  • Be Kind Values

    The BE KIND PROJECT is about more than education. Check out their full statement on diversity, justice and equity by clicking HERE.

  • Interested? Enroll Today

    Learn more about the BE KIND Academy virtual social and emotional education for America's students by clicking HERE.